Youth Workshops


The purpose of the Conejo Atelier is to instruct students in the traditional creation and language of the visual arts. Focusing on the principles of design and art elements, students create their own, unique projects over a four-week course. Under the tutelage of Texas Tech School of Art graduate and TExES qualified artist, Peyton Aufill, students will gather the knowledge to produce their own artistic portfolio, as well as talk about their work comprehensively.


Students from 6 to 15 years of age qualify for the youth workshops. Students will be divided into four age groups that meet from Monday, July 23, to Thursday, July 26. Classes meet for an hour, with the exception of the 12+ class which meets for 1.5 hours. Along with producing their own work, students will assist each other in the creation of art, learn classroom, studio and gallery etiquette, take part in general studio maintenance, as well as qualify to display—if they so choose—in the Conejo Art Gallery space along with other professional artists. Student work is returned well-presented in white mat board or hang-ready canvas. Framing options are also available at additional cost.


The four-day course costs $110-$125 per student. Classes are limited to 16 students. First come, first serve. Fees are required up front to hold a position in class and ensure supplies. Students will be held to a basic code of ethics, including, but not limited to, respect towards instructors, facilities and other students.


“PAPER PERENNIALS” / Bluebonnet Mosaic / 9-10 am / Ages 6-7 / $110
Inspired by our gallery namesake, this simple, but effective project helps introduce students to the fundamentals of drawingfollowed by simple color application and theory. It’s okay to go outside the lines here! Construction paper on a 12x9 panel.


“PISCES PAINTING” / Watercolor Fish / 10:30-11:30 am / Ages 8-9 / $115
How appropriate to paint aquatic wildlife in their natural surroundings... Combining tight pencil drawings and the loose fluidityof watercolors, students will learn the proper technique of drafting and watercolor applications including wet on wet and dry onwet, influenced by Nathan Brown. Watercolor on 9x12 coldpress paper.


“THE VALUE OF INK” / Animal Ink Illustration / 1-2 pm / Ages 10-11 / $115

Inspired by April Coppini, students have the opportunity to capture the subtle textures of animal fur through ink pens. Thiscreates subtle value shifts using only black ink, followed by simple ink washes to brink the drawing to life. Ink on 9x12 bristolpaper.


“REBEL WITH A CAUSE” / Graffiti Art / 2:30-4 pm / ages 12+ / $125
Graffiti goes from the wall to the canvas in this special session for all ages 12-and-up. Students learn to create stencils, and how tolayer those stencils with appropriate value. The result is taking simple shapes, and turning them into complex forms using only paper and spray paint on a 16x20 panel. Advisory: This course involves the use of sharp tools. Failure to adhere to safety guidelines will result in expulsion from the course, without a refund.


For more information or questions, contact owner and instructor, Peyton Aufill.



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